Fixing a Cracked Diesel Injector

Fixing a Cracked Diesel Injector


Refurbishing a diesel injector often requires repairing or replacing a cracked injector. In order to fix a cracked diesel injector, mechanics need masking tape, a marker, a set of wrenches, rags, welding equipment, a pressurized hose, injector cleaning equipment, and protective eye equipment.



Materials Needed

Diesel Injector Repair Instructions and Considerations

Disconnecting the battery Wrench Locate the battery system

Using the proper wrench, completely remove or disconnect the battery

Test an electronic component to expel any remaining electrical activity

Disassembling the injector Masking tape



Hold rag on pressure fitting and push to depressurize fuel system

Remove throttle cable and cruise control assembly with the wrench

Fully remove injectors

Inspecting fuel injector components Masking tape


Take notes regarding the repairs needed for different injectors

Take note of the damage and determine if the problems are repairable

Determining intensity of damage Protective eye goggles Determine location of the cracks and develop solutions

If crack is on the housing, then only welding is required

If crack is on the gear, then the gear needs to be replaced

Repairing the cracks Welding equipment

Protective eye goggles


Make smooth patches on the cracks with welding equipment

Lube the o-ring and install it on each injector

Using notes, reinstall fuel injectors in the proper order

Cleaning the injectors Pressurized hose

Protective eye equipment

Injector cleaning machine

If injectors are not too dirty, then use the pressurized hose to remove dust and dirt

If the injectors are dirty, use the injector cleaning machine according to injector cleaning instructions

Testing Nothing Return fuel and pressure to the engine system

Test drive the car

If the diesel injector system still does not work after these repairs, then mechanics should consider getting their injector replaced. Additionally, after a couple of repairs, it may be more cost effective to purchase new injectors as opposed to continuing to fix the old one.




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