Initial test of electromagnetic Common Rail Bosch & Delphi injectors

Initial test of electromagnetic Common Rail Bosch & Delphi injectors

we introduced a new service that included the selection of damaged injectors, so those that had a negative assessment of their efficiency during the control test.
The service is dedicated to customers who care about the information which injectors are damaged. The control test is not, however, a sufficient tool to provide an opinion on the full efficiency of the injector.

The initial test is accompanied by a protocol with the serial numbers of the individual injectors and the evaluation of each. In the case of a negative assessment we will inform you if there is a possibility of repairing the injector.

In order to give a clear, positive opinion about the technical condition of the injector, a comprehensive diagnostic test and possible mechanical adjustments should be carried out. To do this, we dismantle the injector on the first part and verify it – see the top of this page. Installing the injector into the engine without finding its full condition can damage the vehicle’s engine.

Other types of Common Rail injectors, unit injectors and mechanical injectors are cleaned, tested, or verified and repaired in accordance with the applicable Gladysek technology and are not subject to an initial test.


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